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December 22, 2013

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A little catch up

August 17, 2013

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 I know, I say it all the time, I’m sorry I’ve not posted in forever. I do have the usual excuses, I had an ear infection a few weeks ago that hurt like a mother (I was up until 5am because I couldn’t sleep with it, and every time I tilted my head the pressure felt like my brain was going to fall out of my ear). Then my manager broker her leg so it has just been me at work which has been pretty stressful… I also feel like this blog has lost a little bit of ‘me’, which I felt from the end of last year but couldn’t put my finger on why. I’ve thought about it more these past few weeks and I think in the effort to make this blog as good as it can be I’ve omitted certain things that perhaps I wanted to write about but didn’t feel like people were interested in. Inadvertently not writing these things has meant that the blog suddenly didn’t feel like me anymore as I wasn’t sharing with you all the things that I have wanted to share. So here it goes… 
1) My boyfriend and I broke up. It’s been a while now but I’ve not really felt like talking about it until recently. It was a pretty out of the blue thing but it still felt rubbish. He was actually a pretty big influence in this blog. I’ve mentioned him in several posts, he bought me the camera I use to take all my blog photos, he used to read over my posts for grammatical errors and he always tried to motivate me into posting because he knew I enjoyed it when I did. The whole process of blogging reminds me a bit of him because it takes me back to the days where he’d be watching tv and I’d be blogging and discussing new post ideas with him. Never mind, life goes on but that’s one thing that has affected my motivation. 
2) London is lonely and although I go out and meet up with friends I’m the first to admit that some weekends I just veg out at home in front of the tv with a takeaway.  There’s so much to see and do and I know it’d be an excellent opportunity to document it here, but it’s so much effort especially after a long week at work. Most of the time I just meet up for drinks/cinema dates with friends in familiar places but I need to start exploring more and taking my camera out with me.
3) Work has been stressful without my manager being there. I’ve only been in my current position since April but since it is a very varied role there are lots of things I don’t know. It’s quite worrying to think that if something goes wrong an office of two hundred and fifty employees will be looking at me to fix it and I wouldn’t have the first clue where to start. This isn’t directly blog related but I’m sure you can understand that when you’re worried about something usually you sit and stew and you’re not motivated to do anything else. 
It hasn’t been all bad though. I’ve been trying to turn everything into a positive. The added responsibility in my job means that I’ve been learning new things so quickly. Also, the break up has made me try and improve myself as a person so that I will be the female version of Calvin Harris and get all the boys ha! I’ve been trying to eat healthier (ahem, let’s forget the takeaway I had earlier), and I’ve been exercising more so hopefully that should pay off – my confidence has definitely improved since I started being healthier. It has also been a wonderful excuse for some retail therapy too, although since I am already a shopaholic I don’t think I can say it was much needed…
I hope you’ve all been well!


MAC Please Me
MAC Please Me
MAC Please Me Swatch
MAC Please Me on lips
MAC Please Me lipstick – £14, 3g. Finish – matte. Colour – mid toned warm rose pink.
 As you must know by now I love my MAC lipsticks, I should review more of them as they make up around 90% of my lipstick collection. I’ve already posted my little sort of mini guide to the different lipstick finishes MAC offer which you can check out here, and I’ve reviewed Plink here.
MAC Please Me was one of the first MAC lipsticks I bought. I’m a sucker for easy to wear colours that aren’t too bright or daring as in the mornings I just want to apply something and be done with it; I don’t want to have to keep checking a mirror every five minutes to make sure my lipstick hasn’t migrated onto my teeth or ended up on my chin! Please Me is a warm toned rose pink and I can see it suiting a wide range of skin tones. It’s a matte finish and it could prove problematic for those with super dry lips but I find it is one of the more creamy matte lipsticks MAC has to offer, I just make sure my lips are exfoliated and I apply lip balm beforehand and I am good to go. It’s not one I would pick for when I haven’t spent time prepping my lips though (I probably shouldn’t have worn it today and taken photos of it)! Please Me lasts about 5 hours on my lips before I need to top up – which isn’t bad going at all.
What do you think of Please Me? What is your favourite MAC lipstick?


Have you ever thought about sponsoring another blog? A lot of well established blogs now offer advertising (for newer bloggers who are unaware of the term, you pay the blogger to place an image that links to your blog, on their blog) and it’s becoming commonplace to see a host of buttons filling up the sidebars of your favourite blogs. 
I’ve advertised on a number of different blogs. I’m not currently sponsoring any blog, but that’s mainly because I’m not updating frequently enough to make it seem worthwhile, rather than because I think it’s a pointless endeavour.

1. If you’re willing to spend a little money on your blog it can absolutely be beneficial. But it’s going to be more beneficial to stick to blogs within your niche. Sure, you can sponsor a cooking blog when you like to blog about your daily outfits, but who’s to say the people who are reading the cooking blog are going to be interested in fashion? If you sponsor a fashion blog, and you are a fashion blogger, it’s more likely that the people who click on your button will enjoy your content.
2. Do your homework. Compare prices of advertising spots with bloggers of similar sizes. Compare the benefits you get – a shout out on twitter, a dedicated post about you and your blog, ability to contribute to a giveaway etc. You’re parting with your pennies so you want to be getting the most you can with the money that you’re spending. 
3. Like the blog and the blogger. Of course you want to be getting a good deal, but I think it’s also important to enjoy the content of the blog you’re sponsoring and to have a good rapport with the advertiser. 
4. Create an eye catching button. Ok, so now that you’ve paid for the spot, you want people to click your blog button. It’s pretty difficult to create an eye catching button, as you want to get across the feel of your blog in a few pixels! Maybe you could incorporate the colour scheme of your blog into a button, or include one of your best pictures that you’ve published on your blog. 

5. Make your blog the best it can be. You’ve paid for an advertising space, you’ve created an eye catching button that people are clicking on, so you want people to stick around. Put your best blogging foot forward and show your blog in the best light possible. Publish some great posts and make sure everything on your blog is linking to where it needs to link to, so that people can follow you and find out more about you. 

6. If a blog doesn’t have their stats on their ‘sponsor’ page, e-mail them. You’re paying for a button, so you have every right to be told the blog’s statistics.

Finally, my advice (which I know some disagree with) is to purchase a few smaller spots on a couple of blogs of a similar size and see which ones works best, before buying a bigger spot. The main reason for this is because if you find it doesn’t work out for you, you’ve not spent too much money, and also you can compare which blogs worked out better for you at the end of the month.

What do you think of my tips? I’m by no means an expert and I’m not one to tell other people what to do on their blogs, I just wanted to share what I’ve learned from my experience of advertising so far.

Spitalfields Market

March 3, 2013

Spitalfields Market
Spitalfields Market
Old Spitalfields Market
Can you believe I’ve never visited Spitalfields Market before? Usually my Sunday mornings are a lazy affair. Sleeping in until ten, a coffee whilst catching up on some blogs and maybe a spot of light baking and kindle reading are my favourite past times. I’m never usually one to make lots of plans but when Liverpool Street is a mere ten minute bus journey away, there really is no excuse to visit Spitalfields Market.
I’m sorry that there are only a few photos to show you. I didn’t realise that Spitalfields have a rather strict ‘no photography’ policy and I was even made to delete some of the photos I had taken. It’s a great shame really because I think it’s helpful to share the photos with others who might have been considering going, and the way they went about making me delete the photos put a downer on the whole experience.
The market is a few minutes walk from Liverpool Street station, and there’s a stark contrast between the suited and booted businessmen rushing to work and the patchwork coat clad hipsters weaving in and out of market stalls a few minutes down the road. Equally as contrasting are the chain restaurants and high end cosmetic shops that line the market. The market itself sells an eclectic mix of jewellery, scarves, printed t-shirts, incense sticks and burners, artwork, cakes and other various bits and pieces. Despite being busy it seems to have a fairly laid back atmosphere, but if like me you’re put off from browsing because of the massive crowds I’d suggest arriving early. I know that the market is open for the majority of the week, but Sunday is supposed to be the day to go.
 Have you ever been to Spitalfields Market before? What did you think?

Giveaway winner

February 22, 2013

Sorry that it has taken so long to post the winner to my giveaway! I moved rather last minute last week (just down the road, really) but it means I’ve been without internet until late last night and I’ve not really got the hang of blogging/responding to e-mails from an iPhone just yet.

Anyway, I added everyone who entered my giveaway onto a huge spreadsheet and then used random.org to pick a random number, and then checked who it corresponded with on my spreadsheet, and I’m pleased to announce that the winner of my giveaway is Jess from Just Jesss. Congratulations, I’ll get your prize mailed to you asap!

Thank you to everyone who entered! I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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Instagram updates

February 9, 2013

London Oxford Street, London Canary Wharf, London Isle of Dogs
A snowy sunday//sunday roast//Oxford Street on a saturday//the sweetest dress from River Island//deciding what nail polish to wear for the next week of work//going out face//light up boats on the docks near Canary Wharf//oops…this happened//a gloomy day on the Isle of Dogs. 

I finally have instagram! I really like it but I usually forget to use it during the week when I’m working. Most of my pictures are taken during the weekend when I’m out and about and on social media sites a bit more.  I just wanted to share with you the little snaps I’ve taken so far, you can find me here. I’d love to find more instagram users to follow too as at the moment I’ve not been able to find many people! 
Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend so far!

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Emma Hardie Amazing face cleansing balm

Emma Hardie Amazing face cleansing balmEmma Hardie Amazing Face Natural lift and Sculpt Moringa cleansing balm 100ml  £27.20 here.

Wow what a mouthful of a name! I usually just refer to it as the Emma Hardie cleansing balm, or with it being winter – my daily cleanser. This product has certainly been doing the rounds in the blogging community and I think just about every blogger owns this or at least wants to try it.
Let me clarify one thing first. My tub obviously doesn’t look like the pristine ones you have probably seen in other blog posts. Honestly, I’ve travelled with this around four times now and as you can probably tell from the picture, it doesn’t hold up the best. The oil from the balm leaks out of the lid and in between the layer of reinforced plastic. For the price I would expect better, but that can be overlooked if I really like the product housed inside.
I usually just scoop a bit of the balm out, mix it with water and then use it on my face. It smells a bit like slightly fruity posh soap – the kind you’d want to steal from a hotel bathroom. It has a nice consistency and although it’s oily whilst it’s on your face, it’s not sticky and once you wash it off it leaves no oily residue, just plump soft skin. I’ve noticed since using this that the tone of my skin is a lot more even and my skin is more balanced overall. However, on days where my skin is looking a little more congested than usual I double cleanse with something else more potent as I find this doesn’t really deep cleanse.

All in all, I do really rate this product. It has no nasty ingredients and I’d especially recommend it if your skin really suffers the cold winter weather and you often get dry patches, as this is so hydrating. However, once the warmer months come I’ll be swapping it out with something that’s going to really deep cleanse. 

What do you think of the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm?

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My MAC Eye Shadow Quad

January 27, 2013

 MAC Quarry, MAC Retrospeck, MAC Copperplate, MAC Espresso

top: left  – right Espresso, Retrospeck   
Bottom:  left – right: Copperplate, Quarry

MAC quarry swatch, MAC espresso swatch, MAC retrospeck swatch, MAC copperplate swatch

 Left – Right: Espresso, Retrospeck, Copperplate, Quarry.

Whenever I’m on Youtube watching beauty related videos, the ‘what’s in my MAC Eyeshadow Quad/Palette’ tag was one that I always enjoyed, partly because my positive relationship with eye shadows is only a recent affair and partly because MAC have such a huge colour selection that when I finally selected one of my own I wanted it to be perfect. I liked knowing people’s personal preferences, what they thought suited their skintone and their thoughts on the different finishes MAC offer. It has inspired me with some of the choices I made because going into a MAC store and having to choose from hundreds of colours and finishes whilst being constantly observed by the workers is very overwhelming and/or stressful! And let’s face it, whilst being far from the most expensive, MAC eye shadows aren’t the cheapest thing to buy on a whim and then find out that the colour or texture is completely off. 
Unfortunately I don’t own a plethora of colours and finishes. I own five MAC eye shadows in total (I also own Satin Taupe in single form), which I think is a fairly modest collection – especially considering how much I post about beauty products on this blog! Three of them are matte, mainly because I find matte shadows the most versatile and easy to wear during the daytime; even if they’re not the most inspiring. Satin Taupe is a frost (and although it’s not in my quad and I’ve not featured it, I highly recommend swatching it when you’re next near a MAC counter). The other is a Lustre, but I’ll get onto that later…
Espresso: This is the colour I mainly use for my eyebrows, but it can also be worn on the lid. I think a medium – dark brown is a staple most people have in their collection as it’s useful for pretty much any look. The texture and pigmentation is good, and it’s a matte finish. ‘Nuff said. 
Retrospeck: I might not use all the colours in the quad equally, but this is the one I use and like the least. I was after a yellowy champagne colour and this came up trumps, it was absolutely the colour I was looking for… Shame that didn’t translate onto my eyelids. The pigmentation of this one is awful and the texture is even worse. It’s a lustre finish and it’s shimmery but it feels gritty and it has lots of fallout. I’d not recommend this shade or other lustre finishes and as soon as I buy another MAC eyeshadow I’ll be swapping this one out. 
Copperplate: This shade is definitely a dark horse! In the pan it looks like a plain, one dimensional grey but actually when swatched or applied it’s more of a greyish taupe with brown and purplish undertones. It looks absolutely smokin’ if you have either blue or grey eyes! Another matte, but of course. 
Quarry: A brownish mauve which I admit, I don’t get enough use out of. In the pan it doesn’t like the kind of colour I’d gravitate to for a normal day at the office but when it’s actually worn it’s a nice daytime colour that’s a little bit different from your regular brown. And no, I don’t look like I’ve been punched in the eye when I wear this! Another matte… 
Do you own any MAC eyeshadows? What are your favourite colours and finishes?

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nars douceur blusher

nars douceur blusher
I received this blusher ages ago for my birthday. I had it on my birthday list but two people saw the list and bought it for me – so I ended up with two of them! Considering my sizable blusher collection it’s unlikely that I will get through my current Nars Douceur and start this one anytime soon so I thought I’d host a little giveaway, especially seeing as people seemed to comment on the colour in my Top Winter Blushers post!  
Running Time: This giveaway is open from 19/01/2013 – 23.59 on the 15/02/2013. Winner will be announced on the 16/02/2013.
To Enter: The requirements are really easy. You just need to be a follower of my blog via Google Friend Connect. Please leave a comment expressing your interest in being entered in the competition, the name you are following my blog under and leave a way I can contact you if you’re the winner.
You can also earn yourself another entry by tweeting ‘@almostdelight is holding a giveaway. Win a NARS blusher http://www.almostdelightful.com/2013/01/giveaway-nars-douceur-blush.html #bbloggers #competition’    This entry is entirely optional. Please include the link to your tweet in your comment if you do decide to tweet for an extra entry. You can get the link by clicking the time stamp of the tweet and copying the url of the pop up that the tweet comes up in. 
This giveaway is open to all readers, including international readers. If you’re under 16 please get permission from a parent or guardian before entering. A winner will be chosen using random.org and if the winner does not respond within a week of being contacted I reserve the right to choose another winner. 
Good luck everyone!

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